top reasons why NCP is best real estate

Nova city Peshawar is an emerging real estate housing project in Peshawar. Basically, this society is developed to provide best affordable investment opportunity. Also, it is situated at the prime location making it most attractive. All the projects of Nova City are highly appreciated by investors.

Similarly, the prices of plots will increase due to its high demand. The overseas Pakistanis are also investing as overseas block meeting the criteria of international standards. Therefore, it is the best real estate investment in Pakistan.

Top reasons why Nova City Peshawar is the best real estate investment in Pakistan:

There are specific reasons to invest in Nova City Peshawar. Furthermore, these reasons consist of prime location, facilities, amenities and state of the art. The infrastructure is so adorable that anyone can get their dream home in a reasonable range. Additionally, some of the top reasons to invest in Nova city Peshawar with maximum returns are described below.

Prime Location:

What makes a location attractive from investment point of view? Location of any real estate plays a considerable role in investment. Convincingly, investors are spontaneously attracted towards Nova City Peshawar due to its prime location. First it is located adjacent to M1 which makes it accessible to reach different cities. Secondly, Nova city Peshawar is close to Peshawar and Charsadda. Finally, it is situated at a feasible and accessible location making it attractive for investors and owners of the properties.    

Nova City Peshawar is also linked to CPEC which gives it a unique edge among other investment societies. Additionally, it is present on a few minutes’ drive away from Peshawar and Charsadda city. Besides, it is present at a very serene and pacific location. These factors are making Nova City Peshawar best real estate investment of Pakistan.

 Accessiblity points to Nova City Peshawar:

            Position Play a very key role in any investment society. The accessibility points and landmarks around the society are also essential. Furthermore, these accessibility points highly attractive for the investors. These are one of the top reasons Nova City Peshawar is the best real estate investment. Following are the accessibility points which attract the investor:

  1. Located along with M-1 Islamabad-Peshawar Motorway
  2. Almost 19 min drive away from Peshawar City
  3. Almost 12 min drive away from Charsadda City
  4. Almost 23 min drive away from Mardan City
  5. Almost 25 min drive away from Risalpur City
  6. Almost 36 min drive away from Nowshera City
  7. Almost 7 min drive away from Mardan Road
  8. Almost 19 min drive away from N-5/G. T Road
  9. Almost 13 min drive away from Charsadda Road
  10. Almost 5 min drive away from DHQ Hospital Road
  11. Almost 23 min drive away from Peshawar Ring Road
  12. Almost 15 min drive away from Bacha Khan University
  13. Almost 19 min drive away from Peshawar Northern Bypass
  14. Almost 51 min drive away from Bacha Khan International Airport

Owners and Developers:

Nova City Peshawar is a trending real estate project with the state of art infrastructure and technology. Nova developers is not a new name in the real estate business. It has received marvelous response from the developers after getting officially launched in January 2022, Nova City Schools helping as a novelty and modern technology are also the projects by Nova developers.

Nova developers are the big name in real estate industry. Furthermore, investors are not concerned if the developers are credible. Nova developers are famous for their competitive team and highly skillful. Hence, they aim to develop the state of the infrastructure with luxuries.

  • Friendly investors:

Nova city Peshawar is a comfy society with state of art infrastructure and facilities. Nova developers ensured that this society is for people with various economic status. Also, the booking is available on easy installments. Moreover, the people with less resources can also invest in Nova City Peshawar. Its one of the great opportunity one can get in life to build their dream house.

  • No objection certificate:

Nova city Peshawar is a legalized society possessing a valid NOC from authorities. Nova developers have prioritized to get NOC at earliest possible opportunity. Moreover, they already know how much it is important for the investors to invest in a reliable society. Hence, their effortless struggle to get NOC is successful. After meeting all the requirements, the issuance of NOC is made possible. Therefore, interested investors are looking forward to invest in Nova City Peshawar.

  •  State of the Art Infrasturcture:

The unique state of the art infrastructure is most reliable and sustainable. Nova developers working with skilled team meet the criteria of international standards. Also, Nova City Peshawar has given the best roads.

  •  High return on investment (ROI) and security:

Nova City is equipped with a secure investment in present situation. The main objective is to facilitate investors with security and safety. Furthermore, the legal society brings harmony in investment. However, its a legal society with long term residential goals. The efforts and energy put he developers and owners makes it a safe investment. Nova City Peshawar is reliable with a máximum return on investment. It ensures multifold safe investment oppertunities for commercial as well as residential purposes.

Facilities and Amenities:

   The following modern-day amenities and conveniences are available at reasonable and economic price. These facilities are the key section of any modern lavish society. In addition, this is also a very big motive of attraction to the investors. Nova City is a safe society with utmost luxuries and modern facilities. Some of Nova’s City Peshawar features are:

  • Gated community
  • Grand Mosques
  • Hospitals and health facilities
  • Cafes and restaurants
  • Cinema
  • Security for all area
  • Water, electricity and gas facility
  • Accessibility of eco-community education
  • Sewerage and waste disposal system
  • Sports arena
  • Club house

Masterplan of Nova City:

A highly professional and experienced producers are behind the masterplan for Nova City Peshawar. The developers are satisfied upon meeting local and international standards. The housing process is in pre-launch stage, so the booking is also at pre-launch rate.

Nova City Peshawar payment plan:

Nova city Peshawar is owned by the most effective developers in the real estate. The key element for investment offered is affordability and amenities. Easy Payment plan is available for investors. In addition, the total value  is either 12 or 36 installments. Moreover, this aids the investors getting their dream house  amicable monthly installments. 

            First, it provides maximum comfort for living standards. Second, it is a gated society with security and safety. These are the key factors for  investors to invest without hesitation.

Why to invest in Nova City Peshawar?

There are multiple reasons to invest in Nova City Peshawar. Firstly, Nova City Peshawar is existing at a very prime and attainable location. Next, it offers with the complete investment chances with maximum return on investment. Likewise, Nova City is a legal society with a NOC from Peshawar developmental Authority (PDA).

In addition, the prime goal of Nova City Peshawar is to provide the investor with the safe investment. Nova City Peshawar delivers the people with most gainful investment. The special overseas blocks deliver the requirement of Pakistani living outside of Pakistan.


In Conclusion, it is a project of Nova developers. Additionally, it is also located near Charsadda interchange which styles it more attractive and a significance for investors. Nova City Peshawar is a widespread and top investment development among the property investors of Pakistan.

In Addition, the main emphasis of the society is to offer reasonable residential and commercial Plots to people with sustainability. Lastly, it delivers the investors with the modern and most new technical facilities and services. These are the top reasons to invest in best real estate investment which is Nova City Peshawar. 

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